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     California-Criminal-Law.com provides an overall legal view for the criminal attorney with a layman in mind into the aspects of criminal law in California. It provides substantial information and insight into this subject. This subject, "Criminal California Law" can best be described in the three paragraphs below with the "Issues and Areas of Discussion" located further down the page.

What is Criminal Law?

       Criminal Law involves two different areas of law: the substantive criminal law and the procedural enforcement and administration. The substantive criminal law is the compilation of all the statutes and other rules and regulations that control and limit the behavior of people. Criminal law differs from civil law because criminal punishment involves the potential for loss of liberty, including loss of life. Also, criminal law is enforced by the government; whereas civil law is usually enforced between private parties.

       Most of the substantive area of the criminal law can be found in the California Penal Code. Other additional areas can befound in other codes, such as Health & Safety Code and Welfare and Welfare and Institutions Code. There are additional regulations that are enacted by various agencies. Also, the people of the state can and do pass certain initiatives that supplement the criminal law.

       Separate from the substantive area of law, there is the procedural aspect. This is the part that deals with the form of pleadings that are used in the enforcement of the criminal law as well as the court procedure for the administration of the laws, including jury trials and appeals.

Issues and Areas of Discussion

       California Criminal Law.com discusses prominent issues in regards to California law. Listed below are the major categories of discussion, institutions and offenses. They include the following;

1). The Crime and the Law - These categories as pertaining to California and federal law include; Drug Offenses, Property Crimes, Sex Crimes, Firearms and Weapons, Violent Crimes, California DUI, White Collar Crime, Victimless Crimes and Federal Crimes.

2). Enforcement, Judicial and Administrative Institutions - These areas of interest include the California Penal Code and Prisons, the Court System in California, Juvenile Law, Victims Rights, Three Strikes Law, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

3). Choosing a Good Criminal Attorney - Another area of interest is "Choosing an Attorney". This category provides information on selecting a private attorney, the right of an attorney by law and the importance of finding a qualified attorney. A must read for those searching for a criminal law attorney.

       In conclusion, if you are in search of a good attorney, it would be best to first, research and gather as much information about that particular law. At California-Criminal-Law.com we can assist you in that research and gathering of information. We realize how important it is to make a good decision when choosing an attorney to represent your case.

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