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       The California State Bar is the largest state bar in the United States with over 217,000 members, and over 165,000 members who are currently active practicing law. With its headquarters in Sacramento, California, and offices located in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the State Bar provides array of services and duties that are paramount to its members and the California community.

About the Bar

       The Bar was created in 1927 by the California State Legislature and gives the members of this prestigious non-profit organization the right to become members of the California Supreme Court and practice law in California. It is also a public corporation and the judicial arm of the California Supreme Court. It is privately financed mostly through dues and fees paid by the members. A large percentage of the money received through the general budget is used for activities and investigations of attorneys involved in possible violation of the State Bar Act and/or the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Filing a Complaint Against an Attorney

       If you are thinking about filing a complaint against an attorney who is just plain arrogant and rude (common complaint against attorneys) you are not going to succeed in getting them disbarred for life. However, the State Bar does investigate and prosecute attorneys due to complaints against them and their practice. If they violate the "Rules of Professional Conduct" as listed in the California State Bar web site (e.g. sexual relations with client, fees for legal services and/or contact with jurors) depending on the circumstances they can be disciplined or even disbarred. For more information contact 1 (800) 843-9053 or you can fill out the complaint form on the web site and mail it to; Office of the Chief Trial Counsel/Intake, The State Bar of California, 1149 South Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90015-2299.

Certified Specialists

       The California State Bar Association has certified over 4200 attorneys as legal specialists in their field of practice. The certification not only includes criminal law but also includes specialties in the following fields of law; appellate, bankruptcy, estate planning, trust and probate, family (divorce law), franchise and distribution, immigration and nationality, taxation, and workers' compensation.

Other Areas of Specialty

       The State Bar also recognizes the other areas of specialty that are certified through accredited organizations. The specialties are as follows with the accredited organization included.
Other Services

       The California State Bar has a number of helpful services that are beneficial not only to the community but to its members. Some of the programs for the community as well to consumers include a client assistance programs, consumer education programs and a local attorney referral service (telephone: 1-866-442-2529). The State Bar also provides a complete evaluation of candidates selected for California judicial appointment.

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